by The Hollyhocks

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The Hollyhocks:
Dan Jewett - guitar
Kristin Sobditch - vocals, guitar
Yuri Jewett - vocals, bass
Jason Silverio - drums


released June 5, 2012

Engineered by Allen Clapp at Mystery Lawn Studio, Sunnyvale, California and Hollyhock Headquarters (HHHQ), Oakland, California from December 2010 - September 2011.

Produced and Mixed by Allen Clapp and The Hollyhocks.

Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland, California, November 2011.

Guest Musicians:
Amber Lamprecht - oboe
Tom Griesser - baritone saxophone and clarinet
Allen Clapp - tambourine and whisper
Myles Boisen - lap steel

Strings for “Photograph” courtesy of Magik*Magik Orchestra:
Minna Choi - string arranger and conductor
Gloria Justen - violin
Ravenna Lipchik - violin
Jacob Hansen-Joseph - viola
Rebecca Roudman - cello.
Engineered by Jacob Winik at Tiny Telephone
San Francisco, California, August 2011

All songs by The Hollyhocks except “Photograph” by Joe Elliott,
Pete Willis, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, and Robert John “Mutt” Lange.
Used with permission.

Artwork by Erin Ellis.


all rights reserved



The Hollyhocks Oakland, California

Band Interviews:

KQED/NPR: www.kqed.org/news/story/2012/06/01/96063/band_interview_oaklands_the_hollyhocks?category=bay+area


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Track Name: Lighting and Timing
I've been wandering 'round your dreams
Looking for a place to sleep

I'll race you across this galaxy
And trace our names up in the sky
But I'm almost to the finish line
And I haven't seen a glimpse of you

There's one thing I'm certain of
The moon is following me
And I will lead it to you
But I don't know where you are

All you have to do is tap those ruby shoes
Get that monkey off your back
(Click) travel near or far
(My) wicked we all are
(Heels) but is that good or bad?

Slippers and rainbows never meant much to me
(All you have to do)
I could walk in those rubies 'til my blisters bleed
(Tap those ruby shoes)
But it's all lighting, timing
Track Name: Sugar
I am a Cinderella. I stole my sister's umbrella. How else can a girl stay dry? I am a morning glory shaded by the understory of concrete, steel and sky. Mmm... sugar.

I am a Mary Poppins sipping sweet concoctions one spoonful at a time. I am a blade of grass growing under the overpass of concrete, steel and sky. Mmm... spoonful of sugar.

I'll wait my turn. I'll stand in line. Single file or two at a time.
Mmm... sugar.

I am a Cinderella. I'm gonna steal Mary's umbrella - watch me as I fly.
I am a black-winged lory soaring over the understory of concrete, steel and sugar. Spoonful of sugar.
Track Name: Iowa
We were in Dyersville, just you and I on the 4th of July (Iowa)
We were in Dyersville, getting as high as an elephant's eye (in Iowa)
We were in Dyersville, no no don't ask my why, oh me oh my (Iowa)
We were in Dyersville, letting fireworks fly and the night pass us by (in Iowa)

Well I pitched it to you fast followed by my clever curve and oh the nerve (you had) such a nerd (so sad). I thought you were the worst until you quickly rounded first (so left field) second base was second best but rounding third (so outta my league) I second guessed.


Then the crowd got on their feet (we will see) and in triple digit heat (this one) from the super mega-thunderdome (all the way) you carried me home. All the way home.

There we were
Not a cloud in the sky
On the 4th of July
Just you and I in Iowa.
Track Name: Static
At my window I look out over the street
And sip my coffee, I can't feel my feet
I'm freezing in the sun, getting nothing done

Moving piles on the floor around my room
They'll just end up in some new piles soon
I'm getting nothing done, having not much fun

Over under (and through) tuck the sheets into my bed
You live nowhere but inside my head
I'm having not much fun, feeling like I'm done

Send me a sign through the TV, I don't care
Send me a sign so I know you're there

The late late movie is about to begin
I guess I'm sleeping on this here couch again
I'm feeling like I'm done, having not much fun
Getting nothing done, and I'm freezing in the sun
Track Name: Marco's Last Waltz
Where did you go...

I guess I'll never see you grow up to be an old man
I guess I'll never see you fall in love with me as an old man.

I guess I'll never hear you whisper in my ear "dance with me"
You'll never disappear so take a bow my dear and dance with me.

Track Name: Everyone's Here
Everyone's here, the table looks nice
Plenty of beer and buckets of ice
Dad's on the grill doin' his thing
We let him cook but we won't let him sing

The dog's in the yard runnin' from the kids
They dressed him up and that's why he hid
Jimmy and June are talkin' again
They're havin' twins but I don't know when

Uncle Bill's buzzed, he's dancin' around
He'll need a nap soon as he settles down
He no longer smokes, and neither does Gram
She'll drink all the wine and not give a damn

She brought her new friend - I think he's got dough
She's so tired but won't let it show, no

When the sun goes down everybody sticks around

Buddy and Mom are startin' their fight
Meanwhile the bugs are startin' to bite
We'll have some pie - Grandma made five
I'm takin' some home when I'm ready to drive

Everyone's here, everything's fine
(All together)
Track Name: Rosie
There is a place not far away
That I wanna take you to
We can lay down under a tree
Me on my side and you in shade


Lend me an ear, you keep an eye
I tickle your feet and you let me
I sing for you, I dance for you, and
I scream at you and you let me


We all fall, or do we fly?

Did I find you or did you find me?
I don't know but I'm still smiling
Come take my hand and we'll run in the sand
And skip stones o'er the moon and then see where they land

Track Name: Before Your Birthday
It's the day before your birthday and you're thinking of a way to celebrate. Will there be sun? You're old enough to know what you're running from.

It's the night before your birthday and you're wondering how to decorate. Will there be stars? You're old enough to know who you are.

You are a star.
Track Name: EO
Ex abundantia cordis os loquitur.
Track Name: Father May I
Umi ga miteru. Ippo zutsu...

Oh, in English. How do you say?
I love him so much I'll sail away
Sea to shining
See the lining shine silver
and offer its hand


Oh, Father Country. May I live among?
Those who exercise their right to bit their mother tongue.
Sea to shining
See it shine!
Oh, how do you say?
Can you see

Misete. Ippo zutsu...

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